Weekend Regrets

This week I have the opportunity to mourn some interactions I had over the weekend.  

What does that mean? 

It means that I had some experiences that I feel less than excited about.  In the moment they were a bit awkward.  I was feeling a bit confused, and disappointed, even a little sad in the moment.  Very aware that I wished ‘it’ was different.

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I Want it My Way

I was walking down Spring Garden Street.  Leaving the gym, headed to my car.  Directly in front of me is a woman walking in my direction.  Directly in my path.

My first thought was, “Why doesn’t she move?  Can’t she see me?”  

My second thought…

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Awkward Conversations. Yes, you must have them.

There are a wide variety of what could be considered awkward conversations that couples and soon-to-be couples can have. In my opinion the sooner you have them, the more likelihood the relationship will work out.  What makes them awkward, of course, is complicated.  It depends on the people in the relationship, what they want, their individual communication skills, and communication compatibility as a couple.

Let’s start with this one.  

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Speak Up! I Can't Hear Me. [part 1 of a series]

Have you been taught, either implicitly or explicitly, that speaking up or speaking out is bad?  Have you heard or somehow just know, that good girls don’t yell, good Christians don’t get angry, unless you have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?  Have you been silenced in a group, waiting your turn to speak up and your turn never comes?  Have you been told that what you say and how you say it doesn’t have value?  Maybe it has been made crystal clear to you that you're too sensitive, and that your feelings aren’t valid nor are they important?

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I Want to Tell You How I Feel

In Nonviolent Communication classes we spend a whole bunch of time figuring out how to feel our feelings.  How do we notice them?  How to distinguish feelings from thoughts, games to discern one feeling from another.  Practices to enhance our capacity to say what they are.    We have sheets and cards and magnets and games.  All so we can know what our feelings are.

And now you want to share them.

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What Are We Waiting For?

This past week I became aware of something I do.  And it wasn’t the only time.  I have done it quite a few times.  Something happens and I instantly feel frustrated.  First thing was to actually notice that I was upset (and in some weird way, needing a minute to admit it to myself).  I think I often don’t want to be upset.  So…here it is --this was my process.  I wonder if you do this too?

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Core Strengthening

We all know what this means.  Ab work. 

And, if you have a trainer, you might learn quickly that having a strong core is not just ab work.  It is strengthening all the muscles, including the abdominals so that we are strong in all our movements.  Our entire body benefits and becomes sturdy, durable and protected so it will function optimally throughout the day.

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