What Did You Just Say?

Do you want more connection and intimacy with your partner?  Are you longing for that soft sense of trust and honesty?  A place and a person with whom you might share everything, and they you?

Be careful what you ask for because it may require more of you than you are able to give.

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How do you Contribute?

How did you contribute to the situation you are unhappy about?

In my opinion it is one of the most empowering questions we can ask of ourselves.  When we are in a situation that we aren’t so happy about, depending what it is, then I encourage you to consider this first.

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It's An Emergency! Emerge and See.

I am quite moved by all the #metoo’s I am reading on Facebook.  So grateful that we have found an opening, a place to begin this conversation.  I am hearing about years and years of aggression, defense, confusion, pain, shame, and rage.  

I am experiencing this moment as women wanting to once again, emerge with all the power that the sacred feminine embodies.  It is an emergency.  

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What Are You Listening For?

Recently a football player said, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about ‘routes.’”  His name is Cam Newton.  I don’t know what team he plays for, or anything else about him. I don’t know his age, where he was raised or what his life experience was.

Apparently his comments cost him a great deal. He became an instant demon / enemy.  Woman Hater.

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Fifth Sacred Thing

Developing a workshop for women yesterday I found renewed inspiration in a poem that changed my life years ago.  Discovering the work of Starhawk, the novel Fifth Sacred Thing found its way to me through a friend. After reading it I remember buying copy after copy and shared the book with anyone who would listen.  It was the first of many to wake me up. 

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Two Great Letters

I bet you are wonder which letters they are?!  Possibly A?  It gets our alphabet started, gets you first in line at grade school if your name began with A.  Or T because my name begins with T.  E gets used quite a bit as well.

I am actually referring to two letters that I wrote (they were actually a series) of back and forth letters (they were actually email and texts). 

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Relationship Agreements ~ Who Needs Them?

Are you in a relationship?  With anyone?  In reality we are in relationship with everyone we meet or even walk by.  It is with some unspoken agreement that if you walk by someone that you do or don’t say hello (or make eye contact).

Let’s at this point just consider the important ones.  Significant other, workmates, friends, business partners, family.  Are you crystal clear about the roles you are each agreeing to?  How do you know?

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Happy Mother's Day... I Insist!

Many people come to me in hopes of finding ways to deepen their connection with loved ones, partners, family members, workmates, etc.  So often they are confused thinking it is the other person who is creating the distance.  I invite you to consider the ways you separate yourself from the people in your life, often with simple greetings, intended to connect.  

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The OTHER Choices You Are Making this Election

This election season seems to have been particularly trying.  In ways that I do not remember.   Of course, it also seems that my memory is not what it used to be.  Why am I at the computer again? 

Oh yes, this election has had and continues to have so much energy, it is pulling people, squeezing out the hard, built up apathy and inertia.  A deluge of thoughts and feelings are being thrown around flooding the thoughtfields.  I am experiencing it like some serious weather.  A hurricane or a tornado of sorts.  


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What's Your Evidence?

Are you telling people what you think using language that masquerades your story as truth?

I believe the quality of your life depends on a few things, one being the language you use and the words you say.  For that reason I offered you this question.  I think with a few tweaks here and there in what you say, you will feel more free, more open, more empowered in your life.

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