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I LOVE my work!   It is a direct reflection of my commitment to life, to my community, to the people I know, and to those I work with.  My job is to stimulate confidence, passion and skills for anyone (everyone?) to have the life they say they want. 
I think it is simple to do, yet takes practice to accomplish.  Possibly, like you, I have grown up in a culture where self-awareness and acceptance was not the norm.  I had to re-learn that  dropping in to myself was where the answers are for what was truly important to me.  Over the years, and with a great deal of education, support and persistence, I uncovered the gift of living my life fully by intention. 
I live in Philadelphia, my hometown, and enjoy my relationship with my long-term partner Steve.  I’ve created a life that supports my personality, interests, and the values which I hold dear. I look forward to helping you to do the same.

Discovering NVC was a pivotal point in my life. After learning and practicing these skills, it seemed like my entire worldview fell into place — my lifelong interest in politics and justice, self-transformation, and mindfulness. Nonviolent Communication holds a container for all of my passions, providing the insight, intention, and clarity to both make sense of the world and to be an agent of change. I have tremendous gratitude for NVC developer Marshall Rosenberg, and his gift which is so generously given.
I have trained with Marshall Rosenberg, PhD (and many other certified trainers) at The Center for Nonviolent Communication, and with Donald Epstein, founder of Network Chiropractic.  I have studied with Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of The Biology of Belief.  I have also done work with The Body Sacred, The Body Electric, Byron Katie, Cuddle Party, Dominic Barter of Restorative Circles, The Human Awareness Institute, Oneness Blessing, and with Brad Blanton of Radical Honesty fame.
Doing work you appreciate, developing partnership that is deeply nourishing, and experiencing vibrant health — It is all possible, if you choose it.  
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