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It isn’t magic.  It is magical.

These circles are designed to harness any quantum potential reality into reality.  Those participating intend to literally create the lives they say they want.  That’s it!  

If you want to heal something (disease, or some type of symptoms), this is for you.  If you want to change some aspect of your life, this is for you.  If you want to create something new in your life, this is for you.  Understanding the science behind how your mind/body works, and based on the REALITY of The Quantum mind, we will gather weekly to change our lives.

These circles are designed based on a few things:  

1.  The science of our mind/body and healing outlined in You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza.
2.  The work of Lynne McTaggart in her book, The Power of Eight (although we will be groups of four).
3.  The structure of and spirit of Intender Circles.
4.  Mastermind Process

I will strongly encourage you to read or listen to  You are the Placebo.  If it is important to you to know the step by step neurological/biomechanical and quantum mechanical details of how this is possible and what we are doing.  There is guided meditation that I will encourage us all to do on our own.  I am happy to host meditation hours (although it isn’t an hour) to support us in having that experience with regularity.

The short —super short—science story:

Neurological pathways are developed in each of us by what we are taught, what we do, what we see from the beginning of our lives. What this means for us is that we anticipate what is going to happen based on the past because our minds tell us that the same thing will happen over and over.  Neurological hardwiring is determined through the experiences that are either repeated over and over, and intensity --one event that overwrites everything else. 

Which is the good news.

Reality can be a bit of a moving target —literally. We’re used to thinking of reality of something fixed and certain.  It is what we have always been taught.  Newtonian Physics is about the predictable based on the assumption that universe (and everything in it) is a machine (a collection of parts/things).  

Quantum Physics (the new science) however looks even more deeply at the universe —including everything in it.  It turns out that our known universe and everything in it —no matter how solid it may appear to us, is essentially energy and information.  That is a scientific fact.  On the subatomic quantum level, matter is a momentary phenomenon.  It only solidifies as we observe it.  

You might understand it with the analogy of a fan.  Imagine a fan that is on.  Depending on the speed that it is spinning, allows us to see the blades or not.    It is called the observer effect.  There are many details about frequency of rotation, coherence, and the like that contribute to the full story.  

Since subatomic matter makes up everything we can see and touch and experience in our macro world and they exist in an infinite number of possible places simultaneously, then in some way so do we.  This makes it possible to collapse an infinite number of potential realities into physical existence.  In other words, if you can imagine a particular future event that you want to experience in your life, that reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field—just waiting for you to observe it.

There is a specific way to ‘get into the field’.  It requires getting out of our mind.  In Dispenza’s book, he writes, "to become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time.  Pure Consciousness —in the infinite field of potentials". 

The minute details of this science —very little touched on here—including graphs and charts, are available to you in the You are the Placebo book.  In addition, there are numerous stories of incurable and impossible diseases, and other conditions being healed by doing this meditation and intentional living.

The three parts required are then:

1.  Thinking something(let this intentional thought become such a powerful internal experience)
2.  Feeling it (that carries an elevated emotional energy, which becomes a memory that you will never forget)
3.  Being Grateful for the experience as if it already happened (The emotional signature of gratitude means the event has already happened.  For gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.)
4.  Celebrate!!

Our intention circles are designed to do is generate these 4 things.  

If re-wiring our experience and changing what we expect to happen, happens through intensity, our group experience and celebration will meet that, and repetition —is the reason for a commitment weekly circles.

Logistical details:

~There will be four of us in each circle.  
~We will be spending 1 hour in each circle.  You will be asked to state what it is that you want (in a very specific way).  We will each repeat back to you what you said. 
~We will celebrate! 
~We will repeat this once a week for four weeks.

Once you register for the online version, you will be sent the login information.   
~The commitment is 4 weeks.  
~The cost is $40.00 (required to participate + non-refundable)

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