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Mindfulness Meditation Class with Kim Fleisher, M.Ed

Come Practice with Us!

Lots of people like mindfulness because of it’s cascade of reported benefits, including increased calm, focus, attention and productivity and decreased stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Beyond these personal benefits lie a deeper possibility for individual and collective transformation. When you can make space to see things clearly, beyond your trauma, you can actually engage in the true work of dismantling oppressive habits and patterns and loving yourself and others better. This is what motivates me to return to the practice again and again. 

There’s a reason mindfulness practice is called a practice. It’s something you do over and over. It’s practice for the sake of practice —it’s helpful in the moment, and it’s practice as training/skill-building that also carries over when you’re not sitting on your cushion.

Our time together includes:
•   Background/Discussion on mindfulness and meditation, what is it and isn’t, how it shows up in our lives, how we already practice/use it, and how our presence translates to our lived experience
•   How to generate calmness, presence, relaxation, appreciation and insight during practice
•   Training and practice in sitting meditation
•   Training and practice in walking meditation
•   Sharing about our experiences (joys, successes and challenges)
•   Q/A  
•   Investigating how to take this into our lives outside of class

Investment: $108
Wednesdays 11am-1pm
Four week commitment

About Kim Fleisher (she/her or they/them):

Kim is a mindful, embodied educator dedicated to being a kind, compassionate, and happy human being striving to create learning environments that thrive in the intersection of art, music, play, movement, community building, self-cultivation, and social justice. There’s plenty of room for deep thoughts and feelings, hugs, smushiness, silliness, and creative expression.
Currently she has the role of Operations Director for The Lotus Institute, an international educational institute founded by two of Thich Nhat Hanh’s senior, non-monastic dharma teachers that offers Buddhist practice(s) for change-makers on the journey of individual and collective healing, transformation and liberation.
Her other endeavours include co-founding Many Faces Sangha in West Philadelphia, hosting the website White Women Wake Up, the Flofferkins blog, and the Instagram handle #Thisiswhatameditatorlookslike

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