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IN OTHER WORDS/Nonviolent Communication - Advanced Class

  • 171 W. Thompson St. Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

You are really getting the value of putting the skills you learned in the NVC classes toward your own relationships.  You see how wonderful a difficult conversation can be, when connection isn’t lost in the struggle to be understood.

You can even guess your own needs and/or someone else’s needs —when you think back on a conversation that was so challenging. 

However, actually doing it in ‘real time’ or going back after a challenge has been something that you haven’t yet mastered.

NVC in Real Time.  How the heck can I do it?  I remember, I want to, and yet…I don’t do it.

This series of classes is for you!!

We will be working with a set of practices that guide us through ‘what to do’ when we are having conflict.  And we will practice in a variety of ways putting these practices in to real time:

1.  Bringing your life situation into the room and working with others who will sit in as the other person or as you, depending upon what might offer you the most insight.

2.  We will be working on what comes up in the room.  Sometimes we believe that in workshops, nothing real is happening.  Just a bunch of learners sitting in a room.  Not true. Even in a workshop setting, we have feelings and needs.  Our practice will be to notice them in real time and then make choices about how to navigate.  

3. We will offer a few practice skills (think repetitive practices) so that when things come up in life, we will know the skill and use it—right in the moment. Kind of like a tennis player repeating the service motion over and over. Or hitting a lob. That way, when one comes up in a match, the motor skills are right there. If you aren’t a tennis fan, kind of like a singer practicing scales. So the voice (vocal chords?) are prepared and ‘just know’ what the sound of C is. You will be prepared when your NVC skills are needed (which, is always, isn’t it)?

If you have been longing for the integration of the NVC practice into your own life, then come and practice with me. This is how it gets easier.

Cost: $59.00 (for the series of 3)

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