3 Tips to get you through all of your holiday festivities

Holiday Tips and Tricks

Oh the holiday season… We love it and hate it all in the same breath.

Although the holidays are a time to be grateful for the people you’re bonded with for life, it can sometimes be difficult. The holidays bring together a lot of opinions and personalities which pave the way for awkward moments. Fortunately, I have a few tips to help you survive the uncomfortable conversations you may be about to have with family and close friends.

3 Easy Tips to Get You Through Your Tough Dinner Conversations:

1.  If possible, reach out to the person (people) who ask these questions before you get to dinner and let them know that while you believe they mean well, that you prefer not to talk about certain topics with them.  Either with an email or a phone call.  Ask them directly if they will agree to keep the dinner conversation on a light note. If you aren’t able to reach them prior, then kindly take them aside upon arrival. Possibly give them a few topics that are of areas of interest for you… gardening, school classes, old friends, anything you’d like.  Let them know that this is what is important to you and you would enjoy talking about these things.

2. Be Ok With Silence. Maybe the conversation is uncomfortable because you have nothing in common with a relative. If this happens, don’t try to say something for the sake of talking. Be okay with the silence and use it to plan something intelligent to say. Too many awkward moments happen when we feel the need to blurt out something, to realize a moment later we just stuck our foot in our mouth.

3. Stay Confident. Our families are often our biggest critics. A family gathering may bring with it a smorgasbord of opinions and advice from aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. And they all like to put in their two cents about what you should be doing in life. In situations like this, remain confident. They don’t live your life and although you’ll listen to their advice, you don’t have to follow it.

Don’t let the anticipation of uncomfortable conversations with family bring you down this holiday season. Keep your chin up, go with a good attitude and enjoy the holidays!

Stay tuned for more holiday tips and tricks to keep your holiday season in the present and as positive as possible! Drop a comment below for more topics you’d like to hear about.