Women’s Circle

Life and Relationship Coach Philadelphia

This circle is meant for women to connect with each other to be heard, to find confidence in who they are in the world, to create more of what we want in our lives and to shine brightly.

If you are inspired to share with other women, learn from other women, find and offer support with / from other women, then this group is for you.  

Focused on truly manifesting the life we say we want, we will gather and explore the means, the practice and customs that sustain us in those things.  The hope of this circle is to find sisterhood and care and connection through our practices when we gather.

While open to shifts as we find how best to serve all over time, this circle will begin with a practice that looks something like this.  A blend of being led, and leading, sharing our gifts and receiving others’ wisdom, in a structure that allows for flexibility and an intention for all to deepen their sense of their own value.

Trusting spirit, our bodies, our deepest heart’s longing, our strength and each other, we build together a sisterhood deeply bonded in care.

We will shift our focus with the seasons, the first series of 5 gatherings begins On Wednesday, December 20 ~ 6pm til 8pm (the evening before the Winter Solstice.  The request is that you commit for a season, and choose after whether or not you would like to continue, ask for something different or choose something different for your life.

My current thinking on the format for our time together:

  • Welcome

  • Calling in of the directions (other prayer or inspiration / poem / dance / song)

  • Meditation

  • One person shares something valuable to them with the group. (5-20 minutes)

  • Sharing - a couple of choices

  • What’s alive right now? What is on your mind/in your heart? Share an intention for the moment / day / life

  • Reply from each member of the circle - YES!

  • Circle Response

  • How can one person / all help or support you?

  • Closing