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Imagine how effective your organization can be if relationships among all stakeholders are based on understanding, assertiveness, flexibility, compassion, and accurate interpretations of each person's intentions.   What if your communications were easily understood and conflict quickly and effectively resolved. 

This work helps organizations to develop effective leaders and retain satisfied employees.  

The result is a team of people not only committed to the work, but enjoy the day and look forward to contributing to the organization.  

The core of our work is informed by Nonviolent Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, however in no way is limited to this.  We have helped quite a few organizations, offering a variety of programs.  Working with you, we will develop a custom-designed coaching and training program based on your specific objectives and needs.

Here are a few examples:

·       Lunch and Learn – one-hour programs on a particular aspect of communication that leads to more understanding.
·       Mediation ~ whether it is running a circle with a team of people, or resolving conflict between two employees, our process leads to more understanding and the best outcome.  Once through the process, often those involved become leaders in the organization for resolving conflict easily.
·       ½ day programs with team leadership, offering training in a requested topic (effective collaboration, for example).
·       ½ day programs with team leadership offering training in a variety of topics designed by us.
·       Private coaching sessions with the leadership team ~ often to support that leader with better communication skills, or to more effectively provide motivation, guidance and support for their employees.
·       Coaching sessions for employees to support them in navigating stressful situations at work, whether with a colleague, boss, or employee.
·      Designing a year-long program for the purpose of developing and supportingbest practices regarding collaboration, team building and effective conflict resolution.

Anticipated Outcomes include: 

·       Increased understanding of your organization’s collaboration process
·       Increased trust, understanding and cooperation
·       Give feedback in a way that gets anticipated results (effective conflict resolution)
·       Troubleshoot in a way that creates for greater agility and responsiveness
·       Manage change effectively
·       Self-manage responses, in real-time
·       Increase being heard, and hearing others
·      Foster life-work balance and job appreciation

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