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Back to Life Urban Sanctuary


Located at
171 W. Thompson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


About the Sanctuary

We spent the last two years designing and renovating Back to Life Urban Sanctuary. Our mindset was to create a indoor-outdoor space that in and of itself would contribute to the well-being of the planet. 

Inside, our floors are heated with the highest efficiency radiant floor heat; the highest rating for our insulation keeps the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Soon-to-be installed solar panels will essentially take us off the grid in terms of our electric usage.

Outside, we intend to catch all the water that lands on our property, either using it in the space or sending it back into the water table. The outdoors is developed with a permaculture perspective, with food, beauty and sanctuary for all beings being the prime influences on the design.



Rent Our Space

We are happy to rent out our space to those who have a class to teach or have a gift to share; to those who want to practice dance or host a talk. If you are a practitioner wanting to use the space for consulting, a massage, or a yoga session, we can help you to prepare a cozy and safe space for you and your client.

Back to Life Urban Sanctuary comfortably seats 10-30 people, depending upon your set up; 30 folks can sit comfortably if arranged in rows, 15-18 folks can sit in a circle, and 6-10 folks can spread out on yoga mats. We have folding chairs, back jacks, pillows, yoga blankets, yoga blocks, and a full bathroom, all available for your use.

Our outdoor space, complete with its' spacious urban garden, has a lovely and inviting vibe, and we invite you to extend into that space while you're here.


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