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Want to work with a group of people who are important to you? 
I am happy to come to your location and design a workshop specific to your needs. 

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Create a workshop for your
Friends, Family, Neighbors

Do you wish you could offer NVC to your group of friends? Or, perhaps you have a community that you are a part of that has a few challenges, especially in terms of working together through conflict? Maybe it is your family that you would like to support in having more good times together.

I am happy to design a workshop just for you!

We can make this workshop as long or as short as you'd like. We will design practices to support specifically the group that you are in, using real conflict as examples. We do this so that you will have an opportunity to practice managing stressors within your group, in real time. If that seems like too much, we can design your workshop with just enough content and real life context to support the learning that your group needs.

No need to come to my office. I will come to you. Let’s make this easy.

Contact me and we will design the perfect workshop for your community of people!!

NVC for Network Practices

As Network Practitioners, we are blessed to help those we serve to experience ever-expanding inner connection and awakening. On our tables, our practice members often experience awe and wonder for the first time in their lives. Our deepest joy is found in witnessing our practice members waking up and remembering the extraordinary beings they were born to be.

Off the table, many of those in our care are still challenged to connect with loved ones and to those they care for. The expanded awareness that these individuals have just achieved can disappear rather quickly when these folks are faced with conflict or with disagreement. The delight in knowing what is possible can be forgotten with the stress and strain of making daily choices, large and small.

Why is this so? Culturally, we don’t have the language that supports the growth and openness realized through Network Care. What we are taught entraps us in rigid right / wrong, judgmental ways of speaking and thinking.  Too often, people in society have barely experienced communication that expresses care and compassion. These patterns can change!

How can we support practice members to experience high quality of life, all of the time? Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and specifically the way that I share NVC, offers the skills and tools needed to maintain inner and outer connection - no matter what.

The NVC for NSA workshop will support practice members to awaken to a whole new way of relating!

The work supports us to more clearly see what goes on in our inner consciousness from the moment an issue arises until we decide which steps to take. With this support, we experience greater conscious choice to create the life and relationships we desire - moment by moment.

Participants will learn to:

  • Stay centered in any situation

  • Transform stalemates and power struggles into opportunities for growth

  • Hear the ‘yes’ behind every ‘no’

  • Find freedom from making decisions based on “shoulds,” habits, and assumptions

  • Express anger or disappointment without judgment or pointing blame

  • Be flexible without giving in

  • Share quality time all the time

Support your practice members in creating the wonderful lives they desire. Let’s bring this workshop to your office!

I am uniquely qualified to offer Nonviolent Communication to Network practice members, and I am delighted to be bringing these workshops to a broad spectrum of people who are in care. As a Network doctor practicing for the past 19 years, I integrate a deep understanding of the awakening that members have already received through Network care, into each of the workshops that I teach. I have seen the extraordinary benefits that those with flexible spines receive from learning NVC - benefits which they achieve through enhancing their ability to create amazing and satisfying relationships of all sorts.

Let’s talk about how I can support your practice members by sharing this workshop with them! 


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