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You're not sure what or how, but something must change.  This is a turning point.

I will help you face this change and will help you to move into your next great unfolding. 

Coaching for Couples

Couples Coaching Philadelphia

Experience wholeness where there was pain. Find reconciliation. Restore the collaborative spirit that too often goes missing within our closest relationships. The work of Nonviolent Communication can dramatically improve relationships by helping to focus attention on empathic understanding of others without compromising our own values - and to focus on expressing our true feelings and needs, openly and honestly, without blame or criticism. Even within situations mired with long-standing conflict and / or hostility, the NVC process can open new doors to compassionate connection and healing.

“You never have to make a decision about a relationship,  You just have to show up with complete honesty and the relationships make themselves.” ~ Miki Kashtan

If you want to create and maintain a beautiful relationship, there is work to be done. You will discover how to communicate (and listen) effectively so that each of you feels completely heard and understood - possibly for the first time in your relationship. Our process will help you to uncover and resolve past issues, and to build a strong foundation for curating an intimate and connected partnership.
Not only will you be breathing new life into your relationship, you will, at the same time, be improving yourself.
Whether you want to stop fighting, feel safe, be close again, forgive hurt feelings, restore trust, or revive the intimacy and passion in your sex life, our process can help you to find the right relationship for you.
You may be interested in working things out with your partner, or you may already know that you want to leave.  In each and every situation, our work together can make the choices that you make a great deal more compassionate, and in some cases, can make your choices truly rewarding - especially in lieu of the miscommunications that cloud or inhibit effective communication.
Because of the process that we will move through and that we learn together, you may choose to change the structure of your relationship with your partner or spouse. The work which you do together, as a result, can prepare you for a shift that is both amicable and healing.  Either way, the idea is to move forward powerfully, without scars, and without ongoing anger and blame.

This learning process might be especially important for you and your partner if you plan to raise children together.

Coaching for Individuals

Life and Relationship Coach Philadelphia

Life coaching supports you in getting unstuck, finding clarity, and embracing the courage to act from and through that clarity. Through our work together, you are empowered to engage your intuition and your intellect in balance and harmony with one another. In doing this, you will free yourself to live in greater alignment with your soul’s calling. This learned quality of true leadership can be applied in all areas of your life - within your personal relationships and professional relationships, and within your work.
Coaching allows for a professional relationship which helps people produce extraordinary results in their businesses, organizations, lives, and careers - helping them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Coaches partner with their clients to design the life that the client desires; coaches assist in exposing their clients’ brilliance and resources. Coaches do this so that the client may achieve excellence, and so that their client may create a purposeful and extraordinary life for his or her self. In creating clarity, coaching moves the client towards action. The client's progress is accelerated, providing greater focus, and providing an increase in awareness of the possibilities that exist in creating a fulfilling life.
The purpose of receiving coaching, is to assist you in changing how you view the world, and to assist you in connecting to both your deepest life energy and to that of others. Coaching gives you access to a deep compassion that grows out of that connection to life energy. By discovering and connecting with your specific values, needs, and “what I want in life”, you will learn to let go of the strategies, thoughts, and judgments that together create greater conflict. This process of connecting in will open you up to the life’s limitless possibilities.
What is the philosophy behind coaching?
The underlying philosophy behind coaching is that we, as humans, have immeasurable resources of energy, wisdom, ability and genius, all waiting to be set in motion. In partnering with a coach who is able to help us utilize these resources, we can create the life we desire more quickly and with greater ease. Through this process, we can facilitate change and realize our potential.
Benefits of Life Coaching

  • A renewed sense of self

  • Clarity of purpose, arising from your deeply held values

  • Concrete action steps to anchor your new awareness

  • Release old belief systems and the not-so-helpful behaviors that arose from them

  • Courage to step boldly into your true self

  • Accountability systems to help you recognize progress


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