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Best Life coach in Philadelphia.

How many people do you have in your life that you can talk to about anything, without feeling worried about how they might respond?  How many relationships have you been in in which you could be really honest about everything with your partner, knowing that they would be delighted in hearing what you shared?  For most of us, the answer is zero - or relatively few; yet satisfying relationships are much of what makes life worthwhile, and they are what we long for.  Close relationships, true friendships, and real community are all built upon the important recognition of knowing yourself, sharing yourself, and really hearing other people. These are not skills we are born with - we must learn on our own.

Come join us for any one of our wide variety of classes and workshops. Each is designed to engage you and to support you in having the life and relationships you say that you want.  Our classes draw mainly upon the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. and offer both the skills and practical information on how to create the relationships that you've been longing for.  What we teach is also embedded in a context of everyone’s needs getting met, which is the basis of Nonviolent Communication.  This means that, while we share a good deal of information, we also make good use of our time together - with you practicing newly learned skills not only inside our class / workshop but also when you venture back out into your everyday life.  Though the work is simple, weaving this new information into your own relationships can prove difficult, especially as you begin to do so.  We are committed to providing the support you need in making this flourish within your life. 

Joining in on classes continually expands your own community of people who are equally interested in generating these skills into their lives. Often an ‘unintended’ occurrence within a class or workshop is that of individuals developing bonds with one other, nourishing friendships, and creating a sense of community within our midst.

If you'd like to focus on developing these skill sets within a group of people you know, we are happy to develop a class designed specifically for your group.


NVC Practice Groups

Best Life Coach In Philadelphia

Practice Group is open to anyone with an understanding of the Nonviolent Communication process.  We will not be teaching basic skills - the intention of this group is to deepen our NVC consciousness, develop our awareness and practice our skills.

Practice Group is an open space, meaning we will use this time together to delve into real life situations and to explore how to infuse NVC consciousness into these situations.  So - please do bring your questions and concerns!


NVC ONLINE Practice Groups

Best Life Coach in Philadelphia

Have you ever been torn between the comfort of being home, while also wanting the support and company of like-minded others?  That is the purpose of this Online NVC Practice Group - as well as to create a container of safety, compassion and connection with each other.  Like the In-Person Practice Group, our Online Practice Group is an open space - meaning we will use this time together to delve into real life situations and explore how to infuse NVC consciousness into these situations. So - please do bring your questions and concerns!

Among the topics included in our calls will be:

  • How to stay connected to yourself when it seems impossible to do so

  • How to make sense of being overwhelmed and distressed

  • Being a catalyst for change

  • What empathy really offers

  • Nurturing relationships

  • Practicing Nonviolent Communication

  • Raising families as partnerships

  • NVC as a spiritual practice

  • Identifying and living your true values

  • Overcoming blockages to intimacy

  • Healing from shame and trauma

  • Requests for coaching


  • Zoom group call format ~ you may use your computer, smartphone, or telephone

  • Each practice group will last up to 2 hours.

  • Weekly groups - you can choose two per month.


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