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Fifth Sacred Thing

Fifth Sacred Thing

Developing a workshop for women yesterday I found renewed inspiration in a poem that changed my life years ago.  Discovering the work of Starhawk, the novel Fifth Sacred Thing found its way to me through a friend. After reading it I remember buying copy after copy and shared the book with anyone who would listen.  It was the first of many to wake me up. 

Upping Your Gratitude Game

I spent this past week with my long time partner Steve.  Both SuperGeeks for Nonviolent Communication we tend to talk about and philosophize about how to be, do and teach NVC a great deal of the time when we are together.  A cool thing happened this visit.

Where is the Focus of Your Attention?

A patient that I’ve known for many years has been coming in for the past weeks complaining about a plumbing problem in his home.  Each visit I got an update.  The cast of characters in this story are:  1.  Ed (my patient)  2. Sam (Ed’s plumber)  3.  Ralph (Ed’s handyman) and 4.  Joe (my plumber).